Market research to contextualise trends, uncover behavioural shifts, and increase relevancy

Building an effective commercial property business requires prior research. With the workspace market in a state of transformation and the needs of potential occupants different to ever before, understanding exactly what customers want is essential.

Our suite of commercial property research consultancy services covers every factor you need to consider before reinventing your current office property or expanding with a new one. From details about the needs of your potential customers to their price sensitivity points, let us do the market research so you can build a place that suits them.

Our Commercial Research Tools

Key Driver Analysis

Our key driver analysis techniques serve as an integral tool to allow you to understand what influences your potential customers to make the decisions they do. We like to think of it as tapping into a subconscious system, getting the purest insights into customer motivations and desires.

Price Sensitivity Analysis

Maintaining a strong ROI means understanding price sensitivity in the market – knowing how much potential occupants are willing to pay. Our price sensitivity analysis tools help you settle on the right price point to ensure customer buy in and deliver optimal return.

Perceptual Mapping

In the model of selling space as a service, the focus moves away from simply providing room for occupants to work in and towards providing features that make their working lives easier. Our perceptual mapping service helps you to discover what commercial property features are in demand and how they’ll increase your space’s appeal.

Net Promoter Score

Measuring customer experience in relation to business growth, our net promoter score technique can be used to predict the scalability of your operation. We assess the segments within your customer base and what their needs and demands are, providing a model for growth.

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Testimonial for our research services
Testimonial for our research services
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