Keeping operators, landlords, and investors at the forefront of the flexible office market through research, placemaking, and marketing


Spaces to Places can help you navigate the shift towards building flexible, service-led offices that better suit your customers. The more relevant your space is, the more occupiers you’ll attract, the more revenue you’ll make.

Our tools and services are designed to minimise risk and maximise return as you become a pioneer in the space as a service sector and improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, or build your portfolio. Through a mix of research, placemaking, and marketing, we give you the power to capitalise on your space’s potential and create an office or flexible workspace that suits occupiers.

The way we use commercial spaces is changing rapidly – transforming with it is your way of leading the market. We’re here to help you uncover disruptions in the commercial property market and adapt to them. With us, you can make the right decisions to turn your un-optimised commercial space into a flexible, profitable, human centric place.

Research - What is the demand in the marketplace?
Placemaking - How do you create a sense of place?
Research - What is the cost of acquiring new occupiers?