Placemaking can remodel, repurpose, and reinvent your office space to meet changing customer needs

Placemaking is the art of turning a space into a place. In the office property market where user needs are more particular than ever before, it’s central to pleasing potential occupants.

By providing users with features and facilities that complement the way they work, from space flexibility to carefully thought out customer service, you can cut in front of rigid competitors and make an impact in the market. As placemaking consultants, we can help you make the right choices to build a place that works for users.

Our Placemaking Services

Market Feasibility

The first step in building a place that people want to work in is evaluating the space in which it’ll be situated. We can provide preliminary market and site analysis to determine the potential of the space you’ll be working with, helping you to decide how it can be best utilised, or if it’s worth investing in at all.

Service Design

How you position your offering compared to competitors is what sets you apart. There are lots of service models to choose from, pricing structures to consider, and features to factor in, all of which can completely transform the dynamics of your place. Settle on the right service design with our help.

Operator/Supplier Selection

The landlord and tenant relationship dynamic in commercial properties has shifted dramatically in recent years. We can help you rethink the model to source operators, effectively structure RFPs, build a better partnership with suppliers, and more.

Customer Journey Mapping

The best commercial places provide an immersive experience where the physical space and the operator’s brand and services are seamlessly integrated. Using Customer Journey Mapping techniques, we can explore the factors that make or break user experience to build better customer journeys t hat boost adoption and retention.

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