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Watch a recording of the talk I gave at Tagsley’s The Future Of Coworking event. In it, I cover the current state of the flexible workspace market and how brands that differentiate themselves through clever positioning can prosper.

Learn what the make-up of the market is, how some leading operators are separating themselves from the pack, and how you can identify where you fit in to

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4 strategies to meet the new needs of office occupants

 Your occupiers are in the process of adapting to the changes coronavirus has forced upon the world. The challenge in doing this is in knowing the answers to 2 main questions:

1. How is the crisis affecting my customers?
2. How, specifically, can I help?

3 steps: re-entry, re-market, and re-imagine

When preparing a plan to re-open the office:

  • How to make your office space compliant with social distancing guidelines
  • What new solutions you can implement to boost office efficiency
  • How you can adapt your marketing strategy to attract new occupiers