10 Reasons coworking operators aren't making profit

There are many obstacles to creating a successful co-working space. Understanding what they are is essential to conquer them and achieve profitability.

Many coworking operators took a step away from the UK market in 2019, while others like The Clubhouse and Central Working filed for administration. The sector itself is still in an unmistakable period of growth, so what went wrong for them?

The Spaces to Places Coworking Market Report reviews what happened in the co working market in 2019, what’s expected to develop in 2020, and what all of it means for you an emerging player in an increasingly competitive industry.

Focused on the 10 main reasons that most co-working operators don’t turn a profit from the daunting levels of market competition to misguided expansion strategy, shiny object syndrome to underdeveloped customer service our report is a cheat sheet to avoiding the mistakes of other companies.

It features detailed insights into the state of the market, reinforced by case studies, interviews with industry leaders, and actionable solutions for each individual obstacle.

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Download the PDF of ‘10 Reasons Coworking Operators Aren’t Making Profit’, authored by industry expert of 18+ years, Zoe Ellis Moore, to begin building the knowledge that will make your commercial strategy successful.