Success is not what you have but who you work with

It takes specialism to make places out of spaces, so the talents of our team are central to our success. With vast experience in various property and real estate markets, the team at Spaces to Places are perfectly positioned to advise and consult on your best strategy to stay relevant in a changing commercial property landscape.

Spaces to Places-Zoe Ellis Moore Flex Ofifce Marketing Consultant F-1

Our Founder and CEO Zoe Ellis-Moore

Zoe founded Spaces to Places in 2019, keen to disrupt and transform the way commercial property is used. With the root of an idea that changing occupier and employee needs necessitated a shift in the market she established a framework that would help building owners, office operators, asset managers, and property investors turn their spaces into places.

Over the course of more than 18 years in the property industry, Zoe has worked with high profile clients including Derwent London, LandSec, Savills, and Tonstate. With enough experience to truly understand the market, she’s recognised that treating space as a service, rather than a product, is the future.

She pioneered the UK’s first Business Improvement District in Kingston upon Thames a five-year action plan that increased town centre footfall by 2 million year on year and has presented at the ICSC conference, among other events. Her credentials in the industry are founded in her vast experience, peer recognition, and the success of her clients.

Zoe provided critical insights into a flexible office /coworking property company in my portfolio. This allowed me to make fast decisions with confidence. She played a key role in achieving a good outcome on the project due to her knowledge of the market and her inputs on making the company more competitive and dynamic in the marketplace.”

Roux Brits, Principal at BOOST&CO

Roux Brits