Renew your brand to better connect with customers, drive demand, and appeal to new markets

It’s not hard to see the importance of brand in office space businesses – with key players like WeWork, IWG, and BizSpace all proving how brand-building can be a catalyst for success. As a coworking or flexspace operator, branding is one of the main ways you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. But how do you go about making sure your brand will work?

We offer a branding consultancy service for office space operators, helping you to build a brand from the ground up or pull off a full rebrand with confidence. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect image to represent your new coworking business, or you’re an existing flexspace operator looking for a new way to stand out, get our help making an impact in the market.

Coworking and Flexspace Branding

A brand isn’t just a logo and a font. There are a huge range of composite parts to a strong brand, all of which slot together seamlessly to create a complete picture of your business. Our office branding design service is broad enough to make sure it covers all bases, resulting in an end-product that is cohesive and engaging. 

Logo Design

Your logo is the first exposure that most customers will have to your brand, and we all know how much first impressions matter. We work with outstanding graphic designers to realise your vision of the perfect logo; making it stand out, represent your values, and inspire confidence.

Brand Colours

Colours are intrinsically linked to psychology, which makes the colours you choose for your brand extremely important in terms of how it’ll be received. Brand colours should be appropriate, aesthetically-pleasing, and, above all, unique. We can help you tick all of these boxes with ease.


A strong typeface is the perfect complement to a new logo and refined brand colours – solidifying your brand identity across both visual and textual mediums. We can help you to settle on the best typeface to represent your brand values, or design a new one for you.


Every communication you put out into the world, from blog posts to customer service emails, is a direct representation of your brand. That makes it important that your communications are well-considered and cohesive with the rest of your brand experience. We offer brand communication consultancy, including TOV guidelines and copywriting services.

Website Design

Your website is where all of the individual elements of your brand come together – it’s the lynchpin of your brand image. Effective website design is a critical part of any brand-building or rebranding exercise, and we can make sure you carry out the process properly, or do it for you.

Why is branding so important for flexible office operators?


The coworking and flexspace sector is growing rapidly year-on-year, meaning that there’s more competition in the market all the time. More competition means that it grows increasingly harder to stand out, which in turn makes branding and positioning much more important to focus on.

You only have to look as far as WeWork to see just how impactful branding can be in influencing the success of a company. Their name is known in households around the world, their logo is instantly recognisable, and their copy could be easily identified out of a line up. How did they achieve it? Simply addressing the fundamentals of branding effectively.

We work logo Image

In some cases, branding creates a sense of prestige. In others, it implies a sense of community. Whatever positioning model you’ve chosen, no matter which target market you’re aiming to win, building a stronger brand is the first step to getting there.

Why choose us for help building your office brand?


Our aim is to give coworking and flexspace operators an edge in the market through brand-building. We’re experts in the market and have worked with many brands, both major and minor, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Between members of the Spaces To Places team, we have almost 40 years of combined experience in the commercial property sector. Our knowledge and experience in the sector makes us the perfect choice for help with your brand.

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