Upgrade your digital presence with website redesign support from experts in the flexspace sector

As a coworking or flexible office operator, you’re represented first and foremost by your website, just like businesses in any other sector are. The internet is the number one global resource for finding information, and also the world’s largest marketplace.

Your website should act as both your handbook and your storefront. It should be optimised to attract, inform, and convert customers. But designing and building a strong website is no walk in the park, especially in the flexspace sector where customer needs are diverse and in flux.

That’s where we come in. We offer website redesign consultancy, combining our expertise in the sector with our vast experience in marketing and design. If you’re an office operator looking for a refreshed digital presence and a better foundation to build organic acquisition, contact us for help.

Flexible office website design

A website serves many purposes, and you can’t think about a redesign project without considering how important each one is to you. From increasing capacity to attract organic traffic through search engine optimisation to strengthening the ability to convert visitors to leads with strong conversion rate optimisation, learn what real website redesign involves below.


UX, or user experience, is the term used to describe what it’s like to interact with your site as a user. Good UX means a website is easy to use – meaning quick to load, simple to navigate, and informative where it needs to be. Bad UX is a turn-off for customers, increasing bounce rate and wasting potential leads.


Content is everything that fills the pages on your website – including images, text, contact forms, and much more. It’s what brings value to the user, explaining who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Getting the content right for your demographic is one of the most important parts of website redesign, and it’ll strengthen your brand too.


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process through which you optimise your website to rank higher for target keywords on search engines like Google. It’s the ultimate long-term customer acquisition strategy, with the potential to drive hundreds of clicks to your site a day from users who otherwise would never have heard of you.


Getting users to your site is one thing, converting them is something else entirely. CRO, or conversion rate optimisation, is the name for the process of improving your site’s ability to engage, inform, and eventually convert visitors into customers. And sometimes, the most subtle changes can result in the greatest conversion rate improvements.


No matter how functional it is, you still want your website to look pretty. The design process of a website build or rebuild is the part where you ensure that its appearance is in full sync with your brand guidelines, entices users, and generally gives off the right impression. From deciding on a colour scheme to getting the imagery right, design should never be overlooked.


Finally, a website that informs, engages, and converts is a good start, but adding features for existing occupiers is a game-changing next step. You can use plugins or proprietary code to build features like hot desk reservation and meeting room booking into the fabric of your site, making it just as useful to your current customers as it is to new leads and boosting retention.

Why does a good website matter for flex space operators?


As a flexible office or coworking space operator, your website is a critical part of your marketing funnel and overall brand presence. It should help you attract new customers, retain the customers you already have, and generally improve the way your space operates.

But so many operators’ websites fall short on each of those three points. They’re not optimised to act as organic acquisition tools, they don’t provide any added value for existing occupiers, and they don’t integrate at all with the space itself. Fixing that with a website redesign is essential if you want to operate on the forefront of the market.

Not only will an improved website help you to grow your customer base organically, it’ll also create a stronger first impression to any potential customers. Websites are one of first contact points between customers and flexible space brands, so put your best foot forward with the best website possible.


Why work with Spaces to Places?


While working with a web design agency to refresh your website might result in a decent finished product, it won’t be tailored to the specifics of the sector. What we offer is mixed expertise – an in-depth understanding of the flexspace sector combined with decades of combined experience working in marketing and design.

The result of carrying out a website redesign with our help will be a website that is not only thoughtfully and meticulously planned, but also integrates everything we know about your target market. We can write content that positions you as an authority, suggest features that’ll make your customers’ lives easier, and align it all with your existing brand.

If you’re planning on upgrading your digital presence to attract more occupiers, get in touch with us today.

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