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Turning shops into offices

Brick-and-mortar retail shops, both on the high street and in shopping centres, have been hanging on a precipice for quite some time. The advent of ecommerce, and the online retail giants that grew with it, presented brick-and-mortar shops with continuous challenges, the impact of which is starting to unfold.

The Rise Of The Flexible Workspace Industry

Most businesses run digitally by default in the 21st century, enabling employees to work...

Surviving COVID-19 in the office property market (and thriving in the fallout) - 4 strategies to meet the new needs of office occupants

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that businesses across the UK have been forced to adapt to a...

What went wrong in the UK coworking market? – A review of 2019 and outlook for 2020

WeWork Co-Founder Adam Neuman’s vision to change the world through rented office space has...